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Opening a database

I am new to SQL.
I successfully installed SQL server on a win10 PRO box at home.
I connected to a SQL server instance on my home machine.
I can create a database and work on it as described here:

However, I want to investigate an already created database from another machine at my office.
I want to be able to create custom reports from that data.
This other database is from an application that creates and manages a schedule.
It runs on a winPro box as well.

I have copied the DATA folder from that other machine running SQL server to the desktop of my home machine.

How do I open it ?

I tried a real noob thing--
Turned off sql server (in services) , replaced the DATA folder in here:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.LYTEC_SQL\MSSQL\DATA
with the DATA folder I copied to the desktop.
Restarting sql server gives me an error.

Clearly I dont know what I am doing.
Is there a link somewhere that will explain to me what to do so I can start this other database to explore it (names of the fields,etc) and write reports?

Welcome to the journey
What is in the DATA folder

@yosiasz thank you for taking the time to reply.
Contents of DATA folder:
a bunch of files in it like
19,136,512 Lytec SharedData.dat
2,883,584 Lytec SharedData_log.ldf
19,398,656 Lytec Tutorial.dat
1,048,576 Lytec Tutorial_log.LDF
4,194,304 master.mdf
786,432 mastlog.ldf
1,310,720 model.mdf
524,288 modellog.ldf
14,024,704 model_msdbdata.mdf
524,288 model_msdblog.ldf
524,288 model_replicatedmaster.ldf
4,653,056 model_replicatedmaster.mdf
15,466,496 MSDBData.mdf
5,308,416 MSDBLog.ldf
517 MS_AgentSigningCertificate.cer
1,253,572,608 me.dat
786,432 me_log.LDF
2,097,152 tempdb.mdf
524,288 templog.ldf