Only showing part of the search term


I have a report that has a parameter for 'company', at the top of my report it states [@Company] so will show the company name that is entered. Sometimes its necessary to enter CompanyName% as a company may be split by division but we want to see all divisions in one go.

e.g. Callum'sCompany - Essex
Callum'sCompany - London

we would type Callum'sCompany%

Is there anyway for the report to show Callum'sCompany rather than Callum'sCompany% in this instance?

In excel I would do =LEFT(Company,LEN(Company)-1) but don't know if its possible to not have the full search term as the title in SQL & how that would work.

Any help appreciated, thanks!


the things that come to mind are

  1. replace % with ''

  2. escape % character

Hope this helps

Instead of using [@Company], click the expression button and enter the following expression: