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Old Friends and Foes


he reads a lot of books too. I too read some books ... but I don't feel the urge to categorise them, write reviews on them, give them star ratings, put all that in a database (actually, apart from the fact that I don't generate that data, I could well put data like that in a SQL database :smiley: ) including the number of pages read, start/end dates and all that jazz AND publish that as a blog article including a pie chart ...

Several of the books I read each year are prompted by the ratings that Paul provides in his end of year Book review (thoroughly enjoyed The Martian in his 2014 list, and would otherwise never have known anything about it until the film hit the screen). But I am definitely NOT aiming to read 88 books in the next 52 weeks :dizzy:

There are also the Stats-in-numbers he posts each year; if it were me I would changes "Years married" to a different unit, so that it could overtake "the number of miles I flew on United" which must be the grimmest part of his life ...


Finding a good book is like making a new friend who doesn't ask you to borrow money. I have made a lot of new friends from his book lists. As you said, I too would never have discovered The Martian had I not read his recommendation. I find his recommendations to be more reliable than the Amazon.com reviews. Perhaps that is because his mindset is close to mine due to our shared vocations. Some books I would never have considered until I read about his reviews. I wish the year end book summary came out every month. I am sure Amazon.com would like the reviews to be more frequent so I spend more often.


Hahaha ... perZactly! ... but SQL Consultant pays better than Book Reviewer :slight_smile:


Would the MODs please ban JCelko; his attitude, language, and the way he upsets people here are completely unacceptable and he contributes nothing useful, but rather only a vile tirade and abuse in every post.

Saturday night's post:

Recipient's response:

Which has now been followed by JCelko posing a justification of his rudeness as being the correct behaviour for a Teacher talking to Student. Yeah right, "Reduce them to tears" has always been the best way to teach ...

I don't know who the correct MOD is, so I am including notifications for everyone listed on the ABOUT page in the hope that one of them sees sense.

Thank you.


It would be nice if the O/P was sent an apology because JCelko should have been banned a long time ago; as the start of this thread indicates he has been doing this on the new forum since July 2015


This has been done, his account is suspended and blocked.

I agree that this should have happened a long time ago, and I apologize to SQLTeam posters for not doing this sooner.



Thanks Rob, you're a star :slightly_smiling: and I'm sure that @maggie_patterson will be reassured.


Thank you so very much. I don't feel so alone in this attack.


thank you Kristen if I did not already say it. I do feel better. Can I ask you what a badge means in here apparently I earned one :slight_smile:



The forum software used here is from the same "stable" as Stack Overflow, and Badges are a big part of how that system works - people increase their "Rank" through such things and with it their Standing within the community (and, in some cases, "Abilities" - such as the ability to edit a title, or add/change a TAG - which are things I can do here, without being a moderator).

That said I'm not sure it is hugely relevant to this community; I suppose it replaces the Post Count and REPutation as used in other Forum software, but I don't know of anyone here who is actively trying to gain badges ... for me the novelty wore off very quickly!