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OData source connection to SharePoint with legacy authentication allowed

I currently have a successful SSIS package that uses an OData source to grab data from SharePoint and put it into an SSMS table. To get the connection to work, through Microsoft Online Services authentication I had to allow legacy authentication for the user that created the package. However, I’ve recently found out that Microsoft are currently in the middle of changing the settings so legacy authentication will be blocked for all tenants by Jan 2023. I’m now concerned that my connection will no longer work when this happens.

I’m currently on SQL Server 2017 and done some research which suggests that the OData source doesn’t support modern authentication.

I’m considering upgrading my SQL Server but was wondering if this would even overcome the issue? Has anybody been able to successfully connect to SharePoint through SSIS using modern authentication (is modern authentication even an option?) on SQL Server 2020 or 2022?

Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.