Numeric datatype

When I import a csv file into sql, a numeric field is stored as varchar(50). How can I turn it into numeric(18,2)?
I don’t mean the function convert. I want to change the datatype while I import the file

What method/tool are you using to import the data?

If it's the Import/Export wizard, and you're creating a new table, you can change the default data type on the column in question in the column mapping section. (I might have the terminology wrong, I haven't used this wizard in a while)

If the table already exists, you would either ALTER TABLE...ALTER COLUMN to change the type, or if feasible, drop the table and create a new one and specify numeric(18,2) for that column.

I use the import wizard
Data source: float file
In the "Advanced" tab the "data type" section when I choose numerc[dt_numeric]
I get numeric(18,0) and I want numeric (18,2)

You can change the DataScale under Advanced in the Choose a Data Source screen.

thank you
can you give me the data type of date in fomat "dd/mm/yyyy" ?

Dates can be displayed in different formats, but they are not stored with a format.

If you want to see the date formatted differently, you can either use CONVERT() with a style option such as 103 (CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn)

or you can use FORMAT() (FORMAT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn).

thank you.