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Hello, I tried on MS SQL SERVER 2016 Standard change with SQL Configuratin Manager service SQL Agent from LocalSystem to

When I change SQL Server service from LocalSystem to NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER i get message "WMI Provider Error" - not object or property found 0x80092004 Systemlog: SQL Server service (MSSQLSERVER) ended with the following specific error Service: object or property is not found. ID: 7024

The server normally works with SQL services under Local System and works without problems. For Database Mail I need to configure the service to NT SERVICE.
SQL run under Windows Server 2012 R2.

I tried unsuccessfully to:
Reboot the server, change login name direct with Services.msc, Powershell get-service | foreach {Write-Host NT Service \ ( _. Name)} NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER exists, WMI Diagnosis Utility (in my opinion, nothing major found).

Thank you for your help ...

use regedit to modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services<SQL Name>\ObjectName to NT AUTHORITY\LocalService, NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService or LocalSystem.
Hope it helps

Thank you for the tip,

it is possible do it on domain controller ?

see : You cannot run SQL Server services on a domain controller under a local service account.

Hello, just last two comments ....

  1. SQLSERVERAGENT service works without problem

  2. I'm surprised that I can not find powershell script for create permissions and rights SQL folder structure ...
    I'm alone who have Domain and SQL ... or nobody create separate user for SQL services ...

  • I think the script would be very helpful