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Not able to filter data using two different dimensions

I want to create account receivable aging report from cube, in that I want to filter out measure with month and date of service,

Does any one have example?? I tried but it always receive total amount of month but not getting filter amount as per current month and date of service.

Below is mdx query for your reference

with member newcurrentpayment
{ClosingPeriod([Time].[Calendar].[Date], [Time].[Calendar].currentmember).lag(0)
:ClosingPeriod([Time].[Calendar].[Date], [Time].[Calendar].currentmember).lag(30)}
,[Measures].[Actual Payment Posted]
SELECT { [Measures].[Actual Payment Posted], newcurrentpayment
} ON 0
,non empty ({([Time].[Calendar].[Month].&[2019-01-01T00:00:00]: [Time].[Calendar].[Month].&[2019-03-01T00:00:00])}) on 1