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No Connection to Report Server and Report

I am completely new to SSRS. After I build my report in SSRS, it successfully gets deployed. However, When I click on the report server or report url, I only get a blank screen. I am opening the url in google chrome. When I open the same link in internet explorer, I get the message "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage".

Can someone please help me in this?

Are you connecting to the correct URL? You can find out the URL from the Reporting Services Configuration manager, Report Manager URL tab. Usually it is something like http://yourservername:80/Reports.

If you are using the correct URL, try to log on the server where the report is deployed, launch internet explorer in Administrator mode, and then try the url http://localhost:80/Reports. If you are able to connect this way, but not able to access otherwise, it is a permissions issue.

Yes I am using the correct URL that I got from the Reporting Services Config Manager. I tried logging in with internet explorer in the admin mode but I still get a blank screen


Is it still a permission issue? How can I resolve it?
Shouldn't there be an appropriate error message in case of permission issue?

You are opening the web service URL.
Go to the Report Manager URL and open the link.