Nexus Sales Tax Solution

Has anyone here heard about or wrote any syntax that dealt with Nexus Sale Tax issue. In case you don't know if your company does out of state sales and services they are going to be required to collect sales tax. Most states is you need to collect tax after your $100,000 of business or 200 transactions in a 12 month period. Some are calendar year and some are a rolling 12 month. Some states it's a higher $$ a few states it is $100,000 AND 100 transactions. It seems quite complicated but not to some people here. Just fishing to see if anyone has been tasked with this?

Looks pretty straightforward. What do you mean wrote any syntax?

Maybe not for me then. Some of the states, a few don't has sales tax, Some is higher, some you use a date range from today to 12 months prior, the others are ytd. I'm going to work thru it however I'm surprised I found nothing in the forum about it. It affects most dealer systems and the systems programs need to be able to handle it.

you can start by dumping this Nexus grid into a SQL Table.
you could have states table. then a Nexus table. Are you looking to do any sort of analytics or reporting on this? For example the Threshold column. Some have pure money value others have extra text. Let's in the future you want to get a report broken down by Threshold. Lets say I dont want to do business on states with Threshold below 200K. Well the way it is laid out now with the extra text fluff might not work unless you want to do text parsing.

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right now it is all reporting. I am building right now my nexus table that has the All the info as of today. Then it seems like a HUGE case statement. I haven't gotten very far, got fires to put out.

you could also have a IncludableSales table in case you want to do filtering or reports on that.
each nexus row in nexus table I would point to the PK of Includable Sales table. BUt if one Nexus could have n+1 Includable Sales then have an adjoining table?
Each State should have a nexus per year? Does nexus change mid year? if so have StartDate and EndDate

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