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New to SQL

I am new to using MySQL. I have familiarity with Microsoft Access. I’m trying to follow along in the book “Sam Teach SQL in 24 hours” having difficulty creating the training database. Is any one familiar with this material and how to create the training database?

could you explain what the difficulty is? error messages?

Note, too, that this is a SQL Server forum, not a MySQL forum. You would almost certainly have better luck with MySQL-specifics on a MySQL forum.

Ok. Let me clarify. I stated it was MySQL but that was incorrect. I've downloaded Microsoft SQL Server onto my Window computer. I've created a profile with server name and user name. It did not prompt me to create the password. But the profile is built according to the instructions. Then it instructed to build a database which I did. So I can go into SSMS and see the table it instructed.

The next instructions are to create tables. using the following:
1> use learnsql;
2> GO

This is where I am having difficult as it is providing an error message. I'll try to recreate the error message, but I'm thinking either I don't have access to it, or my profile is incorrect to keep me from seeing.

Are you familiar with this book "Sam Teach SQL in 24Hours". It is basically a intro book. My objective, it to improve/enhance my SQL writing outside of Microsoft Access.


Odd. If your profile let you create a db, it should certainly let you see that db.

You want to make sure you have 'sysadmin' access (which is a server-level permission on your login). sysadmin is the highest access and will let you do anything in the instance.

Hi Scott,
Let me clarify, I stated MySQL, but it is Microsoft SQL Server. I'm using the book "Sam Teach SQL in 24Hours". I have some experience writing SQL with the Microsoft Access Database, but am trying to increase/enhance my skill set outside of Access database. Are you familiar with this book? If so, I'm trying to follow the exercise in chapter 3. If not. I'll try to recreate the error I'm getting and perhaps you can assist me.

I am getting an error message when instructed to do the following:

1> Use learnsql;
2> GO

Let me get the error message that is being displayed.

That will select the database called learnsql - so a) hopefully that is (exactly the name of) the database that you created?

and b) it is extremely UNLIKELY that your SQL installation is set up to be Case Sensitive, but it might be, so double-check the case of the database name in case that is critical - e.g. you created the database using ALL CAPS for the name.

is the message

Msg 911, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Database 'learnsql' does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.

in SSMS, open Object Explorer and view the Databases node. Do you see your database there? Maybe post a screenshot of that node, expanded?

Here is a screen shot of how my SSMS

Here is the second screen shot.

Did you actually create the database or do you think that the word USE learnsql will somehow create the learnsql database?

I thought that once I followed the book instructions there was a training database called “learnsql” I would have access to. I did not create the database “learnsql” but I did create the database “CanaryAirlines” but getting errors on that as well. In both cases I don’t know where to get the records to create tables.

I am now trying a different online course by Microsoft. It requires using sample “AdventureWorks”. I downloaded it but now says I don’t have the default to open file should I download Winzip?

or 7-zip