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New site does not seem as practical as old

why would you take the old site which has a TON of information on it and start a new one? That just seems like such a horrible horrible idea.

Also the current layout seems less intuitive to me. It seems much more intuitive to just have all the various subforum categories displayed right on the page. It makes it immediately obvious compared to having to click on the filter drop down. Or why not do both? since the filter is by default set to show everything, why not at least then sort the post by subforum?

Another issue with the topic drop down is that i can not see the full description of the category unless i mouse over it and wait a second or two for the description to display. This is really annoying if i just want to quickly scan through the subforums to find the right one.

And having the endless paging thing is i think a bad idea. It's easier to find a post if it's on a page number, rather then having to keep scrolling down. Granted, page number isnt always consistent if it's sorted by reply, but its more consistent then just scrolling endlessly. also makes it easier for me to jump back a specific amount of time since with actual pages i can jump back X number of pages. With endless scrolling i just have to keep scrolling.

If i found a post that was a few weeks old but can't remember enough of the details to find it on a search, with your scrolling system i just have to keep scrolling and scrolling until i find it. If you had pages i could just jump back a few pages to the approx date of the post and find it much quicker.

I think you made the new site look 'pretty' but made it less functional.