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New Job


Congratulations Tara to your new job!
Well deserved.


Was out yesterday and just read the notice. Congratulations @TaraKizer hope you still have time to stop by and answer questions on occasion.


Just got my email from Brent (so kind of him to email me, personally, every day :slight_smile: )

Congratulations @TaraKizer, hope you have a really great time there. Stimulating bunch of folk they have there, I can imagine that every day will be a blast. When they ship you long hall to the UK (rookie job I expect, you know?!!) give me a nudge and I'll buy you a beer :chug:


Thank you!

I'll still have time to answer questions here, so you can't get rid of me just yet.

I gave a tribute to Brett Kaiser in my bio. He put "Window Washer" for his Occupation on SQLTeam. Though many didn't like his style of answering questions (me included), I still liked the guy. We joined SQLTeam around the same time.


Blimey Tara ... Phlebotomist? Sounds like a long way from there to become sub-assistant to the assistant sub-manager :smiley:


Yeah I want to change that, but I am not very creative. I was going to put Pediatric Urologist since my son had a kidney removed when he was 1 years old. But then I didn't like the connotation of male private parts. :smiling_imp:

I'm open to ideas! Needs to be medical and in my eyes still professional.


How about opthamologist? :smile:


I like Phlebotomist - its seems to me to be a modest term which we don't use in common parlance over here (maybe you do States Side?). I'd be much more inclined to say "Nurse took some blood" :slightly_smiling:

In reality your performance is most akin to a Brain Surgeon - you lift the lid, check why the synapses are not properly connected / firing, sort that out, and then put the lid back on.

Brain Surgeon is a less modest term though :slight_smile:


Brent is the brain surgeon though. I'm thinking about Internal Medicine Doctor.


Sure, and that's the problem with conjuring up a name. You are both Brain Surgeons, on the same team, its just that Brent is the one perceived to be the Rock Star Surgeon ...

.... hence why I like your Phlebotomist label as it doesn't draw any comparison, just indicates that you are not the Head Honcho. Seems like a lot of promotional steps to get from Phlebotomist to Brain Surgeon, as I said earlier, but that's OK too as we all know that it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Personally I'd leave it, I think its well pitched - unless someone comes up with something cooler / smarter. Personally I'd avoid any more straightforward terms, as they don't pack any punch. For me that would include "Internal Medicine Doctor" (unless there is a fancy equivalent name??)

If Phlebotomist is an unused term over your way? and noone over there knows what it means without having to look it up?!!, you could go with "Nurse" (which might actually categorise what you do alongside Brent), but that may be cryptic such that no one gets why you would use that menial tern, and over your way you might see that as offensive?? (given your actual skills etc.)

"Two great nations separated by a common language"


The problem that I have with phlebotomist is that you only have to have a high school degree, go to training and then get a certificate. They are technicians and not nurses, though nurses can do it too. And since I have a college degree, I want something that requires more schooling than just training+certificate.

But I do agree with your points!


How about Supreme Mugwump?

Okay I'll get my coat.


:relaxed: We have an expression, with a nod-to-Japan, of "Honourable Dogsbody" ... its not just any old Dogsbody, it is a respected position and can only be done by someone with appropriate skill ... I use it to refer to myself when doing one of the many, humdrum, jobs that I choose to do ...

... surely it needs a Degree to know what the word Phlebotomist means? which is why, for me, that covers it :slightly_smiling:


I have no idea what y'all are talking about (but that has never stopped me before from offering opinions :wink: ) I am guessing that it is about a medical equivalent for Tara's SQL skills.

How about the "Rheumatologist For Your SQL Server", with a tag line of

"Is your SQL Server groaning and moaning? Does it have aches and pains? Never seems to run like it used to? Call Tara at 1-800-TARA-CAN-FIX"


Oh I like rheumatologist!

The discussion is regarding my bio for my new job: