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New admin account unable to select data



I have created new login on our database, and assigned it to the sysadmin group the same as another user with the same.

when I login and go to select data from that user it does not return any results, or any errors. I have attached the very simply login that I have created. There must be something very silly I am not doing.

I am testing this as I set-up a user before that only had select permission and not sysadmin and this did the same thing. I thought I would test by using a test using with the sysadmin role.

Do I need to do anything else to allow it to return the data?



Something isn't what you expect, because a "sysadmin" login in SQL Server can do anything in the server, whether a matching user exists in the db or not.


Hi Scott

Thanks for the reply, my understanding is that as you you say if the account is a sysadmin then I should be able to have full access to all the tables in the databases. I will need to investigate here further as it is not saying I don't have permission just not returning data from my select




Sorry I can select from all tables, it is the views that are returning no data when I run them so must be how these are set-up. I forgot I was using the views as so used to selecting from these



Might be the logic in the VIEWs that is preventing any rows being selected, rather than a Permissions issue?