Needing help understanding SQL logic re query from work


I'm someone who uses a system that uses SQL, but I'm not a programmer, but would like to learn more about the language at some stage.

We use a 3rd party income management system and it uses SQL, the term stored procedure is used quite a lot by the config consultants and I would just like to learn the logic behind some of the rules within their system.

I do have an example of the query I have and it's in relation to reference numbers re barcoding...

Would someone be able to help, if so, what category should I post too, thanks.

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Hi Lewis, the best way to learn SQL like any other language is practice, practice and more practice... Otherwise, it is really hard to remember...

For a start, it helps to understand the JOINS:

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SQL statements are used for the purpose of generating queries from the client based program to the database in the database system. It helps the users to perform wide variety of fast data manipulation. So, in general SQL is the most important language that perform function of database server to store and also for editing the data.
When it comes to SQL it is not difficult to learn it. It is not a programming language but a query language. The main objective of creating SQL was to give possibilities to the people to make interesting data from the database. So at the time, someone starts learning SQL it is related to the work across any relational databases.

Hi BabyAqua

It's not about practice
Plenty of other best ways are there

Thinking skills
Organized thinking
Organized Notes
Organized To do. recipes to cook

The pattern recognition
Patterns are normally the same

New pattern just add to list

Just see your notes and do
No need to remember or practice

Software available .. nowadays
That makes it really really easy easy
To do all this

Lot of people doing it using

You can use Excel etc
Google search and spend time effort on this

Once you get hang of it
It's useful for everything

Graz ... please excuse me if not relevant

It really depends on different people's style of learning @harishgg1. Practice might be what @BabyAqua prefers and you might prefer what described. It's about preference not about correct or incorrect

I know all that Yosiasz

What I had in mind
Was universal fast quick independent of
Learning styles that any body can do