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Need to move data from an IBM AS400 to a SQL Server

Hello- if you have perhaps moved an entire application we have for HR on an as400 not in use anymore but want to house on our sql sever and then use how would you go about making this copy??

So an application usually consists of a front end , mid tier and database.

Which part do you want to move from as400 to sql?


Assuming you have sorted out what changes need to be made for the application side of things (how the HR app will work with SQL Server) here is something to get you started (I am 100% sure it will not be this easy)

  1. create a new database that you will migrate to
  2. create all the appropriate tables and their relationships
  3. using powershell, python or SSIS migrate the data from as400 to SQL one table at a time.
  4. verify data and run application and see if it works.