Need To Increase "User Connections"

Hi Folks,

As part of small verification, I changed "User Connections" on one of our Servers from default (32767) to 1. But I am unable to change it back to default, as I am getting error message while connecting to SQL Server Management Studio.

I stopped SQL Server Agent and other services, Enabled and Disabled Protocols, still I am unable to connect to SSMS to change "User Connections" and continue my work.

Please help me to get me out from this :frowning:

Can you post the error message.

You are going to need to shut down SQL Server - and start it up in single-user mode. Once started in single-user mode you should be able to connect and change that parameter back.

Hi Jeff,

It is working now. Thank You Very Much for your assistance.

Hi Ahmed,

Thank you for your reply to assist me.

That is good news - thank you for the update.