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Need older version of Migration Assistant

Hi experts,
I'm trying to install the latest version of the Data Migration Assistant. But it requires a later version of .NET Framework.(4.8 I think)

Where can I download an older version? I need to see which version my 2008 database can go up to.

Is there any reason you can't install the .Net version that it needs?

The version listed here doesn't require .Net 4.8:

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Thanks @robert_volk I'll give this one a go. If I have to install a later version of .NET Framework, will that require a reboot?

Possibly, I don't think you'll know beforehand. It's better to plan for the reboot even if it's not needed.

Jeff, I tried to install the Migration Assistant on a Windows 2008 R2 server but I'm still getting the Requires .Net 4.8 warning
image for the dowloa
d you listed.

It's possible that the OS version is too old to install .Net 4.8 or the Migration Assistant software at that version. You may need to find an even earlier version of Migration Assistant, or restore your databases to a SQL Server instance running on a later version of Windows (I'd say 2016 at least).

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So when I run the Migration Assistant (doing an Assessment), it prompts for a workload or query to analyze. I just want it to look at all the stored procs, etc for compatibility with 2019.
(the db is old 2012 compatibility level)
Maybe I'm not using the Migration Assistant correctly.