Need Few Tips on SQL Server vs CCNA

Hello All,

Hope all doing good.

I'm currently a student working on some IT certifications. Right now I have my A+ and Network+. My question to anyone that can shed some light for me is:

(1) Some people tell me having my CCNA (Cisco) is a good route to take.
(2) Some say having knowledge in either SQL Server or Windows Server 2008 is good

I realize it all depends on what you want to do, but I guess I'm at the point where I'm trying to decide what path I want to take, seeing as I have very little IT BACKGROUND. I thought Cisco(Learn CCNA) would be a good path because I thought I might like configuring routers but then someone told me that maintaining SQL Servers is in good demand where I'm at. I'm confused!

Can anyone PLEASE shed some light on these two paths for me!

Both of them have good demand in the market.
It totally depends on your interest.
There are lot of good DBA's in the market who started started their careers as network guys and then moved into the DBA field.
Having knowledge of networking for a DBA is always an added advantage.