Need advice on course of study

I've been a base SQL Server DBA for 6+ years now. Doing backup, restores, permissions, security, etc. Rather rudimentary tasks, first year DBA tasks. I'm trying to broaden my horizons with the other aspects that SQL Server have to offer but I'm not 100% sure which direction to go.
I know this is all dependent upon what the company I work for is needing, but I'm also looking at perhaps moving on to another company for more money and better opportunities.
My question is what I should focus on; what is "popular" now? I've narrowed it down to these topics but I'm open to other suggestions:

  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL
  • Query Optimization -- Indexing
  • Azure
  • Data Cubing
  • HA/DR/AO

Thanks for any constructive advice I receive!

This is good stuff!! Thank you! And Brent is one of my goto guys for knowledge. He has a way of explaining things that are confusing at first but make more sense when I'm done listening to him.

Going to go through this list!