MYSQL Table Insert Help

Hello i have two tables. Table A and table B

the content of table A is as follows with an auto increment id , then it also has another column that has id.B ie i mean ID of table B then dates.

My sincere help i need is how do I update table A to have all the missing id.B values , so that all the missing ID.B is now in table A without duplicate .

Will be very greatfull to your seniority help to me.

Regards and greetings from Stockholm

Are you trying to import MYSQL table into a SQL Server table? If you are using MYSQL please notice that this is a Microsoft SQL Server forum.

If you are using SQL Server, do you wish to add the ID from table B into table A?

Thank you for the response. I am using MySQL though i think they are all similar. I am not importing data

That's the snag :yak:

Folk here may not be familiar with MySQL, so might not know the exact syntax - that wastes your time, and theirs of course ...

If Microsoft SQL Server is not involved at all (e.g. you are not transferring data between MySQL and MS SQL) you would probably be better off asking the question on a MySQL forum.

If MS SQL is involved then hopefully!! you'll get some good advice here :slight_smile: