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Mysql Query to concat values based on Unique key

Hi All,

Hope you are doing well!...I am trying to to group the values in the below input table by pickno..

DDL for Input table

create table input
(pickno varchar(50),
reasonorshipinstrction varchar(1000),
code varchar(2),
username varchar(45)
insert into input values
('L11230','side cracks','R','Tuli'),
('L11230','Funnel issue','R','Tuli'),
('L11230','Back to date 02/03/2021','S','Deemra'),
('L11230','Completed date changed 03/04/2021 to 09/04/2022','S','Alex'),
('M12401','Random repair ','R','Mina'),
('M12401','returned from shop','S','Deemra'),
('M12401','this pickup is scheduled 04/2/2021','S','Tuli')

Basically I am trying to group by pickno and then group the code R into the column Reason and the code S into the column shipinstruction (combining the names and the reason or shipping instruction)..

create table output
(pickno varchar(20),
reason varchar(10000),
shipinstruction varchar(10000))

insert into output values
('L11230','name-Tuli,reason -side cracks ,name -Tuli, reason-Funnel issue','name-Deemra,shippinginstruction-Back to date 02/03/2021,name-Alex,shippinginstruction -Completed date changed 03/04/2021 to 09/04/2022'),
('M12401','name-Mina,reason-random repair,name-Alex, reason-allergen','name-Deemra,shippinginstruction- returnedfromshop,name-Tuli ,shippinginstruction -this pickup is scheduled 04/2/2021')


In sql, you can use Concat and String_Agg combination

select pickno
	   ,STRING_AGG(Case when code = 'R' then reasonorshipinstrction end,',') as Reason
	   ,STRING_AGG(Case when code = 'S' then reasonorshipinstrction end,',') as ShipInstruction
from (
Select pickno, code, Concat('name-',username,Case when code = 'R' then ',reason-' else ',shippinginstructions-' end,reasonorshipinstrction) as reasonorshipinstrction 
from input) v
group by pickno

Thank you so much @mike01 !..Really appreciate your help!