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[MYSQL] Federated / Replicate sync ms lag table between America / Europe Database

Hello world!

I am an enthusiast. Im making a game with a friend, recently we opened another server in US. I have 2 game servers, one in america and one in europe. I have a problem that there is a huge 300 ms lag when america try to connect to mothership (Europe), which is very obvious ofcourse because its different regions.

i just want to read from and write to 3 tables, that i want to have shared/synchronized states on 2 servers in different locations that's what i want to achieve i don't want to replicate to for example API server, that will only provide (read) data to API users and i want that process to be asynchronous, so that it doesn't choke/freeze my server

my friend found 4 boxes of solution, anyone want to guide me in the right direction here?
we try to mitigate this somehow, here is our current "setup". (see picture)