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My first step into SQL starts here

Hello everybody.....Glad to discover this forum and to know everybody herein
I am a totally newbie sql learner, I am a bit confused about the applications to start with.
I was advised to install sql server 2008 R2 based on my humble machine , but what about MySQL, is that the same thing. And which studio shall i work with management studio or visual studio..
If you can guide me within baby steps to the installation process i will be totally ready to learn....
Thanks a lot, and God bless you all.

SQL Server and MYSQL are both different database management systems.
If you are looking to learn SQL server then as you mentioned, you can download the developer edition of any version like 2008R2,2012,2016,2019 on your machine and start exploring it.
You will also need to download and install SSMS to work on the databases.

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I would not recommend installing any version less than 2017 - and would only recommend that version if you needed it to support an existing implementation.

The latest version available now is 2019 and that is the version I would recommend installing. The Developer Edition is free for development/learning purposes and would be the best option. You could also utilize the Express Edition - but that is a very limited version and does not have all of the features available.

Download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-downloads

The latest version of SSMS works with all editions/versions of SQL Server that are currently supported (2017 and above). It can be downloaded from here: Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) - SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) | Microsoft Docs

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