Multiple SQL Server Instances and Certificate Binding


Normally, fqdn of the sql server is used as the subject name when deploying SSL certificates for binding them to sql server services. When a specific virtual server has more than one sql server instance running, can the same fqdn certificate be used to bind to those additional instances?

Referring SQL server 2019 either Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition sql server instances.

Will appreciate your early input.



Are you binding the certificate to an internal SQL Server registry? If yes, then you can use an external/third party certificate in SQL Server:

There's syntax to load the cert from a PFX file. I would think the same cert could be used for multiple instances, as long as the necessary SQL Server parameters are the same. I don't think it would be required to force the subject to match the instance name.

If you're talking about something else, I don't have an answer, I'd need more info.

Thanks Robert. I will take a look at the sql server tomorrow and will let you know.