Multiple Queries vs A stored proc

Hi Everyone,

I know SRSS can only have a limited number of Datasets..
I am running a report that is split into 12 months.. I would need 12 Datasets that are querying 12 separate dates.
I was wondering...
Could I make a Stored proc and embed a Date parameter inside an expression?
kinda like pre-selected date ranges that do not require user input on dates?

Hopefully this makes sense
Lend me your thoughts please



You could have one stored proc that returns all the data for all the 12 months.. Include the Date or the month as a column. Then, you can create 12 datasets, all from the same query. A dataset has an option to apply a filter to the query, and you can use that to filter the data for the month for which you are creating the dataset.

A better way, in my opinion, is to apply the filter on the tablix. A tablix also allows you to filter the data. So you would have just one dataset and each tablix would filter the data for the month that it is interested in.

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Just looked at the filter option
So I could stretch the date to a year and filter out the months with a tablix filter
This is great!

Thanks James!