Multiple errors trying to run ClearTraceXE

Hi folks,

I'm trying to run the ClearTraceXE edition but I'm getting multiple errors, first when I open the tool I get the following error about SMO not being installed.

SSMS v18.9.1 is installed on the box and in the about box it states SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) version of 16.100.46367.54.

If I press OK the tool still loads, I enter the Trace Group name and select the extended event session file, press Import and I get 'please correct these errors' but the box is empty.

(I can only post one image as a new user, so both errors are below:

Not sure if this is having SMO issues, I have tried changing the config file to have the newVersion be and 16.100.46367.54 but this didn't help with either issue.

Is there a log file written somewhere? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!