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Multiple calculations


I have an access database that I am "translating" to SQL Server due to the fact that Access got overwhelmed with all of the calculating queries. I am looking for a quick direction on how to build the tables/Views. What I need is kind of a stepping stone calculation, I get a "score" based on characteristics, then I want to take that score look it up based on another table's ranges and give it a "grade". Then I want to take that further and run a linear equation off of another table of hard data. What is the best approach can you base views off of views, or do I need to do a calculation in a table first?

Any advice would be a huge help!!


Your question is too generic for me to be able to offer any specific advice. Usually you would store the base data in tables. Then, if there are static computations i.e., computations that you need to do, the results of which would not change over time or in response to new data, you would compute those and store in tables. If there are computations that you need to do based on the current state of the data, typically those would be done in stored procedures which a consumer can then call to get the results.