Multi Lookup

Hi I am new to SQL so work in progress. But I am trying to look for a report to produce the following:

In our database = Contacts
within Contacts = Person1 and Person2

I need SQL to look up the names in contacts and give me a separate response to Person1 and Person2. I am trying to print individual name labels for them

If anyone could help me please - thank you

select * from Contacts where name = 'Person1 '

sorry I put in a typo - there are two people, person1 and person2

I can collect the names for person1 and person2 I but I cannot write it so that I collect the names for both but they come out separately. Then I can put this in SQL Report Builder to produce labels

hope that makes more sense

select * from Contacts where name in ( 'Person1 ', 'Person2')

thank you for your help, it still isn't working but more my fault I'm sure. Am I able to ask about SQL Report Builder here? I need to check an expression