MSSQL PDW partition rows

wow, the forum is updated! still prefer the old 1 doh....

anyway, here goes, not quite sure is categorize as tsql or dsql.....

SELECT boundary_id + 1, value
FROM sys.indexes

LEFT JOIN sys.partition_schemes
ON indexes.data_space_id = partition_schemes.data_space_id

LEFT JOIN sys.partition_range_values
ON partition_schemes.function_id = partition_range_values.function_id

ON CAST(Src.Partition_Day_ID AS INT) = CAST(value AS INT)
WHERE indexes.object_id = object_id('tbl_Src')

return error

Msg 100077, Level 16, State 1, Line 48
Unsupported data type error. Statement references a data type that is unsupported in Parallel Data Warehouse,
or there is an expression that yields an unsupported data type. Modify the statement and re-execute it.

yes ofcoz, there is other way to get the partition rows using my old trick but pdw_nodes_column_store_row_groups is way too over populated and to slow to return the data.

its due to value column are sql_varient, since pdw are doing things in distribution, explicit conversion will not help as it only converting at control node whereby the join are doing in compute node.