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MsSql auto Script to backup data only


Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a sql script to backup all data of all tables of a specific database, without the schema, data only.
I need this script so that I can execute it from code. As output would be great a text file.
I cannot use Ms Management Studio.

I would appreciate any help greatly, kindest blessings


You can create daily backup job with the help of SQL Server Agent. To know more about please go this one it may be helpful to you. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sqlagent/2010/10/12/create-a-database-backup-job-using-sql-server-management-studio/


Pity, because SSMS has an "Script all data in all/selected Tables to INSERT statements" which would do exactly what you want.

Sounds to me like you have access to the data, and want to export it into a different database, but don't have access to any tools. The only reasons I can think of that fit that scenario are dishonest, but hopefully you can reassure me that that is not the case ?


why not? It's a free download


Have you seen the incredibly bloated, slow loading mess that makes?


Sure ... I'd only use it as a get-out-of-jail nothing-else-available user-incapable-of-better-solution situation ... :yak:


Heh... I definitely get that, Kristen.



You might want to look into using BCP (a program that comes with SQL Server) for doing your "text file, data only" exports.