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MSSMS - Trying to create a new Replication

OS: RHEL 7.9
MSSQL: 2019

This replication is supported in the versions mentioned above for Linux.

I am trying to configure replication utilising MSSMS and am following the guides on various sites (to be honest, they all say the same process anyway).

I can create Step 1: The replicator.
I cannot create Step 2: The Publication

The reason I cannot create step 2 is that it tells me I must create the server as a Publisher first and to utilise the next window to complete that. Whenever I look at the properties the server tells me it is configured as a publisher, so I do not appear to be able to get any further with creating the requirements for replication.

In fact, if I go to the monitoring it shows the server in there as a publisher but I still cannot create a publication because it keeps telling me the server must be configured as a publisher.

It seems like I am going around in circles.

Any help would be appreciated please

Apologies. Just to be clear I am utilising the following process for the publicaiton:

1: Open up "Replication"
2: Right click on "Local Publications"
3: New Publication

Then I get the follwoing dialog box appearing:

"xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx must be enabled as a Publisher before you can create a publication. In the following dialog box, enable this server as a Publisher."

4: Click on Okay - The dialog box appears and the server is enabled as a publisher (as per what the monitor shows too).

So, I am stuck here.


I seem to have managed to workaround the issue by configuring the Replicator and Publisher via SQL Statements and then the subscription/Subscriber section through the GUI.

Seems to have worked.

All that is left now is to work out how to get all the tables replicated rather than just the one named object.