Msg 195, Level 15, State 10, Line 1 'str_to_date' is not a recognized built-in function name

I insert the below mentioned value and I return in error un recognized built in function , can you please help me to fix it ?(EVENTNO,DATEHELD,DATEREQ,CUSTNO,FACNO,DATEAUTH,STATUS,ESTCOST,ESTAUDIENCE,BUDNO) values ('E100',str_to_date('25,OCT,18','%d,%b,%y'),str_to_date('06,JUN,18','%d,%b,%y'),'C100','F100',str_to_date('08,JUN,18','%d,%b,%y'),'Approved',5000,80000,'B1000');

I belive str_to_date is a MySQL function. On Microsoft SQL Server the equivalent function is datefromparts

Have in mind though, that the month part should be a number

SQL error 195 is encountered when invoking a scalar-valued user-defined function using the single-part name of the function and not including the owner.
This may help you out: