MS SQL for DEV on a laptop?

I've got some travelling to do, and some time whilst away from office to get some DEV done.

Can't make up my mind if it is worth trying to set up a DEV environment on an MS Surface, or use the spare time for something completely different. (Very unlikely to have good network connection back to base, so need everything-onboard and nothing remote)

I think I would need (to install on Tablet):

MS SQL 2012 (Probably Express would do? or DEV version perhaps?)

Can I install native-64bit? 64-bit WOW ... or would it need to be 32-bit?

DEV DB = 10GB, plus copy of PROD 5GB (I think MAX DB is 10GB, I'm sure I can purge my DEV DB to be smaller than that)

IIS + Website - not sure how much of a pain that is to install on an MS Surface

Editor, SQL Query tools (I suppose SSMS would do)

I've got limited time, before I go, to get it set up - so if install is going to be tricky / time-consuming then that probably rules it out (I'll tool up better for next time instead ...)


I've never used a Surface tablet, but I do keep a full stack install of SQL Server 2014 on a couple different laptops.
SSMS is 32 bit only (WTF Microsoft!) but SQL Server itself id 64 bit.

For security reasons, I'd never have a copy of a production database on any local computer. I work in healthcare... If I lost a laptop with a copy of out prod database, there's a good chance I'd end up in prison.

As to the other stuff, I do a pretty hum-drum installs on my local machines... All DEV edition. It's free and has all the bells & whistles.

Thanks, I'll give it a go :slight_smile:

I keep a Developer Edition of 64-bit SQL Server on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop. It works very well. I also have one or two Visual Studios installed. I think the only IIS is part of Visual Studio and just runs when I write code.

Everything works fine. :slight_smile:

I downloaded IIS Express, thinking I would need that, installed it ... didn't seem to do anything (and download of the Installer was tiny, and that didn't appear to download anything big during the install). Found an article on HowToGeek saying to go to control panel and "Turn Windows Features On or Off" and I was able to enable IIS there - I got the impression it was already installed.

Haven't tried to create a website yet, but the IIS Manager fires up and looks like what I am used to on Servers ...

Its a long time since I've had to do any config stuff like this, and I was never very good at it in the first place! and the guy who would make it look easy is away ... Fingers Crossed!

Just looked in “Turn Windows Features On or Off” on my Windows 10 desktop and IIS is available there too (but not enabled). Could have installed with some other DEV stuff I suppose, but I haven't got much MS stuff such as SSMS or Visual Studio etc. on my PC, so maybe it comes as standard in Windows 10 ... seems an odd inclusion for a PC rather than a server though ...

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