MS SQL 2000 Replication Configuration

Hello guys,

I'm Czi. I am new here. Please be kind to me. :slight_smile: Below is my problem.

I'm trying to setup MS SQL 2000 transactional replication. In our procedure and the procedure i found in the internet, I have to change the log on account of MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT service. I was able to change the log on account but after restart the service, I check the task manager and in the performance tab, i found out that the PF Usage drops from 61GB to 700MB. Is it normal or is there something missing in my configuration?

Note: The account I used is an administrator.

Thank you.



Is this the memory usage figure?

SQL will allocate memory as it needs it, over some days it will increase (up to the maximum limit that is configured). Once it reaches maximum it will not reduce again, so it is normal to see that SQL is using very little memory just after a restart.

Hi Kristen,

Yes, its the memory usage figure.

I see, so i will just proceed to my configuration and monitor if the memory usage increases.

Thank you so much Kristen. I really appreciate it.

Take care and Godbless!