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MS POS 2009 : specified cast is not valid


Hi All,

I do use for now POS to run queries -> export to csv -> edit data in excel.
then in MS POS 2009 use Import Wizard to load up changes (supplier change) but today for the first time I did get this error:
Fault to commit the job. Exception occurred: specified cast is not valid.

Any idea why this has happen? How to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Ps. I did try save file in different format (txt comma delimited) Validation is always going through, just at the point where database gets updated got this error message. Tried to update one item at the time to eliminate mistake but no help


Problem solved, managed to figure it out.

Problem was in importing data, columns. If you import "items" in MS POS 2009 description column has to be present (you don't need to map it)