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MS Access append


We have a problem of my colleague.

We are not the creator of the ms access db. The DB works well on the previous months. Now, when the data or the date column of our database have a value "2017" . We got an error of Key Value Violation..somewhat like that. When i change one its record with the date of "2016" the date went through or appended. I serched the entire table but can't see anything. I also look for the entity relationship but cant see the diagram in case there is a criteria for year but is shows nothing

Anyone can help me or give advise?

Thanks for the help.


Here's the actual error btw

Microsoft Access set 0 fields to Null due to a type of conversion failure, and it didn't add 0 records to the table due to key violations, 0 records due lock violations, and 0 records due to validation rule violations.


Please note this is a Microsoft SQL Server forum so you might not find help.

It looks like your input data has a column that contains bad data. Maybe someone made a mistake on the date - we get that a lot here, someone will enter 2107 for the year.