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Moving the Report Server Databases to Another Computer


Hi all,
According to the document provide from Microsoft ,
When moving the Report Server Databases to another computer,
SQL Server Agent jobs that are used to trigger a schedule will be recreated on the new database instance.

But when I finished moving database. The SQL Server Agent jobs do not show on the new database instance
Would someone can help me ?
Thanks a lot.

Please reference the document URL as below :



I haven't done it before, but can't you copy the agent job as well?



Thanks for your reply.
There are 347 jobs. I think copy these jobs one by one is the worst way.
These jobs name are similar as below



First the obvious, did you refresh your list. I forget to do that frequently.

To copy jobs might I suggest a third party product? We use Idera SQL Admin Toolset. You might be able to get a trail that can help you do this one task. (Note the Job Mover actually copies)


Hi ,
Yes, I refresh the list but see nothing .

I will try to use the tool.

Thanks for your information.



Have you confirmed that SSRS is up and available on the new server? Can you navigate to the folders and run reports?

One of the items left out of the article you linked to is the fact that you have to export the encryption key and import it into the new system. If this hasn't been done then SSRS will not work and it cannot create the subscriptions. This article outlines how to backup/restore the encryption keys: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms157275(v=sql.110).aspx