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Movig data from an object variable to a file


Hi, First I touched on this in another post, but was not clear on what I was asking. So, I am making a new post here, now that I gat it together better; I hope.
Anyway, I have ran a SQL task, in SSIS, which produces a result set from a stored procedure. Which I stored in a variable of Object type. I can run a script task and see message record by record; but I want a way for the user to see the whole thing at once. So if there is a way that I can send this to a text or Excel file that would work. However, I have not been able to find away to do this. I would have to be able to go to the data-flow section and pull up the variable and I have not been able to find how to do anything like this.
Any ideas would be helpful.
Thank you


You wouldn't use an Execute SQL Task if you want to output it to a file. You would execute the stored proc inside a Data Flow task. In the source, you would select SQL Command for the Data access mode. Put your EXEC stored proc stuff in the SQL command text. Then add your destination for a file.


Thanks that worked