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Move SSIS Package from Dev To QA and QA To Prod


Hi Guys,

I have one important question, I am new in SSIS. I have develop SSIS Package in our DEV Environment. Database Point to Dev Server and all Source files are in point to Dev Environments. My question is, now I want to move this package to QA Environment and then one QA done I would like to transfer in Production Environment.
My question is what is the best way to Transfer SSIS Package from Dev to QA and QA to Prod. With changes everytime connection manager and source path and those type of thing.
I would like to know the process in SQL SERVER 2008R2 and soon we will be using SQL Server 2014.

Please advise.

Thank You.


Best practice is to use configuration files. See a nice article here


As of SQL Server 2012 - you now can deploy to the Integration Services Catalog. The catalog allows you the ability to setup multiple environments - and provide different values for the package based on the environment.

Additionally, you have parameters available at the project and package level. These parameters are exposed in the catalog and can be modified in the catalog or the agent job.

For 2008R2 you are stuck with a configuration file and package deployment model.


Damn! I am missing out on so many nice things because at my place of work we are still stuck on SQL 2008R2 for the most part!!