Move data event from one clientID to another

Hi, sorry to be asking a silly question, but I'm new to SQL, when it comes to proper administration, I usually only ask the D/B for data, I'm an analyst :frowning: .

So, what I have is someone has opened an duplicate client record (never looked) and I am looking to move the data out of the newer (wrong) record and add it to the correct record and then to delete the erroneous client record.

However, this is proving a little difficult, as I haven't really got a clue where to start, so I'm hoping some kind individual will spare me a little of their knowledge.


Hello Clash,
Welcome to SQL Team.

SQL can certainly copy data from one record to another and delete a record. Can you post the structure of the table these client records are in? What is the primary key of the table? Are you using SQL Server as your database?

Hi apfanz and thanks.

Yes, I’m using SQL server 2016, but the database was created by a third party and the only way I to integrate the D/B is with ad hoc queries.

Thanks for looking.

I’ll post the detail tomorrow