Mobile Email Client with embedded images

I have a report that is delivered via subscription which the email client on a mobile device attaches the embedded images and compromises the body of the report.

Is there a mobile solution for reports with embedded images?

Thank you for your time.

I read this article recently, which may offer you some solutions. I have not experimented with it - only read it out of academic interest. You have to be on SQL 2012 SP1 to take advantage of the features described in that article.

Thank you James for the information but I am on 2008.

Has anyone experienced issues with rendering images within the email client of a mobile device? The reports are being delivered via subscription, embedded .mhtml.

Thank you for your assistance!

I still have not found any workaround or solution to my images showing as attachments on a mobile email client. The desktop email client renders the report correctly but the mobile email client attaches the images which compromises the entire format of the report.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!