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Missing Column data after inserting into table via SSIS 2012


I am using a Data Flow Task to insert approx. 2000 records from SQL Server into a DB2 table.

My rows get written to the destination table without issues. However, some of the columns do not get populated. My mappings are set up correctly, and valid data is found in the source table.

Sometimes the problem columns get partially populated, other times they are empty. It almost seems like the insert gets interrupted.

The same package works just fine using SSIS 2005. Is there some sort of insert buffering I can adjust?
Is this a bug with 2012?



Can you check if there are some data conversion/ truncation issues happening? Also what action have you specifiedin the OnError tab for the source in data flow task?


2012 had some extraordinary problems on many fronts even including some accidental "retro code" and a whole lot of the problems were in SSIS. If you haven't updated to SP2-CU6, then it very likely is a bug that you've encountered.