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Mismatch in column order

I have a table in SQLExpress, linked to Access, whose first 3 columns are ID (primary key), Cognome and Nome. Same order appears when I open the table in Design view in the Access application. However, opening the table in Access, it displays Cognome, ID and Nome. Is there a reason for this behavior?
Just for completenes, I had to add the ID column to the existing table (I had forgotten this during import from Excel...), and did so without any problem using SQL Management Studio.Since I use Cognome and the following two colums as source in a combo box, can this behavior have consequences on combo box filling?
Thanks, Robert

If you use a query as the combo's source, it shouldn't matter because you will just specify what you want:

Select ID, Cognome
From TableNameHere

And that would put ID as first column and Cognome as second.