Mirroring setup error


I am trying to configure mirroring setup in sql 2008r2.
as i am not able to configure through GUI i am configuring with commands

ALTER DATABASE [db1] SET PARTNER = 'TCP://serevr2:5022';

ALTER DATABASE [db1] SET PARTNER = 'TCP://server1:5022';

I trying to telnet in both servers with commands (telnet server2 5022 & telnet server1 5022 ) in cmd but its not connecting.
But when i am telnet with port 80 (telnet server2 80 & telnet server1 80 )its connecting.. May i know what is the reason?
How to resolve?


what is the error?

Below is the error:

Connecting to IP.. Could not open connection to the host on port 5022 : connect failed

firewall on?

The firewall is off. Both servers are on same subnet. why i am not able to telnet 5022?

maybe 5022 is already being used by some other service?

Yes . i checked that with the command netstat -anob

Showing sqlsrvr.exe is using this port..

I checked the SQL with below command
SELECT name,role_desc, state_desc FROM sys.database_mirroring_endpoints

Name:hadr_mirror ; Role_desc=Partner ; state_desc=started.

One more observation.
From mirror i am able to telnet with port 5022 But from principal server i am not able to telnet port. what could be the cause?

Is the SQL service account same on both the servers?

yes. The SQL accounts are same. I am able to tenet the IP but if i tenet with host name then not able to .. actual issue is the prinicipal server ip having two dns entries. i asked windows team to check. So when i telnet with host name its conflicting. I hope once this rectifies i can telnet the port.
Thanks for your help though. I will keep update the status.