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Mirroring and Data Collector


on our test environnment (n. 2 SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition) we have activated the mirroring function (syncronous with manual failover) on 13-14 databases. Now, from Data Collector report, I can see an huge incrementation of some Wait Stats. In particular the top categories are: DBMIRROR_EVENTS_QUEUE, DBMIRRORING_CMD, BROKER_TASK_STOP.
Is this behaviour normal or is sympthom of something wrong?
Below the report (from Data Collector) after the implementation of mirroring functionality.


Those 3 are ignorable waits: https://www.brentozar.com/responder/triage-wait-stats-in-sql-server/


Hi Tara,
thanks for your reply. Do you know if is it possibile to exclude this waits from Data Collector? The problem is that (as you can see in the image) the Mirroring waits misrepresent all the others. Thanks


I'm not aware of a way to do that. What I do instead is run a query to get the waits that has the exclusion list, such as the query that's in the link I provided.