Microsoft sql server certification is usefull or not?

I want to know about the value of microsoft certification. Is it usefull spend money and time in microsoft certification??

Certainly useful time -- lots to learn! Money? Except for the cost of exams (about US$150 per exam -- you need 5 for an MCSE) not so sure. Courses are expensive. Many free online tutorials and videos. Might be good enough for you

My sense has been that very few companies give weight to Microsoft Certification in hiring decisions. I am sure there are some, but most don't. Microsoft Certified Master was an exception, but they have discontinued that.

What the certification is extremely useful is for measuring yourself. When you use any product, you tend to use a subset of the features, and more often than not, that subset is enough to allow you to do most of your tasks. Preparing for the certification forces you to look at the areas and features that you otherwise would not have looked at or visited.

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I agree with the sentiment that most companies won't care if you're certified. It may look good on a resume, but unfortunately a lot of folks got certified that didn't know the material and couldn't do the job. YMMV. I also agree that the studying for the certification is a great way to learn more about the product that you might not otherwise get on a specific job.

There's still a lot of free, in-depth material, particularly the old MCM prep videos:

I can also personally vouch for SQLSkills immersive training, if you can afford it and you are serious about SQL Server as a career. They've also put a lot of great material on Pluralsight, and a Pluralsight subscription is probably the most economical training available:

Also check with your local SQL Server user group and for SQL Saturday's in your area:

SQL Saturdays are free, 1 day training events given by all sorts of SQL Server people, including top experts from around the world. They are also a gateway to becoming a speaker/presenter on SQL Server, which will do more for your career than pretty much anything else. And most events have raffle items that include Pluralsight or other training, and sponsors may offer discounts for attendees.

If you do decide to get certified, make sure to look for promotional codes, Second Shot offers, vouchers and similar. You can also upgrade a previous certification to a current one by taking transitional exams. I recently upgraded my MCITP for SQL 2008 to an MCSA for 2012 by taking 2 exams, which I got in a double pack for $225 (saved $75). The regular MCSA is 3 exams, and I have the option to get MCSE: Data Platform with one additional transition exam (normally 5 exams). This is half the cost of taking the same MCSE exams normally.

You should also check with your current employer about training reimbursement. My employer is very serious about it and will reimburse for any training and related expenses, so MCSA/MCSE certification will cost me nothing out of pocket. If your current company doesn't have this sort of policy, keep it mind if/when you look for a new job. (I especially enjoy the irony of companies that want certifications but won't pay their employees to get them, and wonder why people don't stay. Avoid them.)

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"It Depends". What is your passion? If this job isn't a serious passion, no amount of certification will help.