Microsoft SQL Server 2014 corrupt database

In the result of a virus attack we have suffered a SQL server database. Information was corrupt in many databases and their backups. We have only one file .ldf from one base. And there are also older backup file from this database. Is it possible to bring the DB (.MDF) in the old backup to Live standard using the new/latest Log file? If so, how? Any help is truly appreciated. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP 1

It does not seem that what you want is possible given the information presented. In order to recover from an old backup file, you'd need an unbroken chain of log backups from the time of the old backup to present. The current log file would not have the information either. It essentially gets reset every time you do a Full or Log backup. You have my condolences.

Are the backups copied / stored anywhere else? Seems like an obvious question, but maybe there is a source of backup that was beyond the reach of the attach

If you have only .ldf file then nothing you can do.
You can restore your backup file to newly created database. Or, if have any recent backup file available but the file is corrupted. So you may try SQL Database Backup Recovery tool to repair your corrupt .bak file.

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