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Microsoft PowerApps does not support SQL Table triggers

Hi All - New here...
Just found out that Microsoft PowerApps does not support any triggers within tables. I have a SQL DB table that is connected in PowerApps. The business wants to have an Audit log table. Since cannot use triggers, is there another way? Maybe using Stored Procedures or I saw something about using Output Clause. I would think there is another way to create a Audit log table not using Trigger. I appreciate any help or guidance on this. Thank you!!

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Are you using stored procedures for CRUD operations?

I'm not sure, I don't think the SQL Admin was using Stored Procedures for CRUD operations. I know he was using a trigger. I'm a PowerApps developer trying to figure out what the best way to have an Audit table within SQL without using any Triggers? Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thank you

You could try SQL Server Audit. This writes to a file whiich can be read by sys.fn_get_audit_file

:eyes: so can you not reach out to your Admin to see if they use stored procedure or inline sql?

Anyways you have to find the code that does the CRUD operations and then we can provide further guidance on where you can do the auditing

I have an meeting with our SQL Admin in 15 minutes, I will ask him. I know from yesterday discussion our SQL Admin said he only knows to add in a trigger but I know we can't use a trigger in this case. I mention using Stored Procedure and don't remember what was said. I will get more information and provide. Than you so much!