Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine

Yet again some compatibility issue with the this nightmare of a system. I've got 32 bit office and 64 bit SSMS (2008 sql R2).

As soon as I use a later version of excel (.xlsx) instead of (.xls) it fails.

Trying to run a package that imports from Excel, but get message oledb 12.0 not available when I create the connection to the file and try picking the sheet.

What do I need to install to fix this thing? I wonder if it is these, which were listed in pinal dave's blog:

Why are the files called AccessDatabase, when it causes issues in Excel as well?



Is there any way you could convert files to csv

I could I suppose. Will have a look at it, thanks

it will save you a lot of these headaches of installing providers etc. better yet use tab delimited.

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