Microsoft Access issue

Hi all.
Please help me out!

Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close.

The above message is coming when i am opening Access document (.mdb format). Also nothing is happening if i am selecting Repair option.
Is there something I can do myself to open or repair .mdb document?

As the .mdb file you are using might have been corrupted. So you may use MS Access option to Compact and Repair. to repair your database.
If this unable to repair your database you may try third party tool like Access Recovery Tool to repair your database. Preview version is free. So you may try. Hope this helps you.

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I would create a new database file and import everything into it from the old and then set up your settings. But why are you using an mdb file format. You should probably move it to the accdb file format if you can. The mdb format is Access 2003 and prior and is likely going to be the source of more problems as you go along. You may also need to decompile the original

Bob L
Access MVP 2008, 2009, 2011

That error usually indicates corruption. Try creating a new blank database and
importing all objects (a few at a time) into it. Then compact the new database.